Sunday, November 09, 2008


A few pages from my sketchbook playing with the printed cog designs and adding some extra lines - not sure where this is leading but they seem to be heading towards some sort of hanging. Haven't done much this past fortnight partly because of half-term and also because I have let myself get distracted with other things (as usual) - will be posting about that on my other blog soon.

**Ed.s note - something very odd happened to my photos after I published this post, they went all pixelated - I have re-added them. With luck they should look clearer now.**


katinspace said...

Hi Jane - I love these cog pictures. Its a really interesting design and I think its got loads of possibilities. I'm keen now to see where you take it!

Jane said...

I love seeing other peoples sketch/design books!
I have a few that I'd never part with and re-visit then often.
Thanks for the peek inside.

Fibrenell said...

I see what you mean about the pixellation in the background pages, but that only seems to add to it - enhances the 3D effect - great!