Thursday, June 23, 2011

Module 4 Chapter 9 Section A Exercise 3 again

Something odd has been happening with these photos so I have re-posted them in the hope that this time they will enlarge for a closer look.
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Module 4 Chapter 9 Section B

Exercise 1
The shape I chose to use is taken from the petals of the flower photos used earlier in this module - I cut  out templates in graduated sizes. Image 1   - looking at just the shape by arranging the templates.
Image 11
Arranging cut out shapes on contrasting backgrounds - images 12 and 13, both A5 size.  Image 12 has turned into a bird, image 13 could do with more contrast to show the shapes more clearly.
Image 12

Image 13
 Combining cut outs with negative shapes on different backgrounds - images 14 and 15.
Image 14

Image 15
Image 15 also show some arrangements on copies of the tonal paper.

Module 4 Chapter 9 Section A - part 2

I was going to put this section all in one post but last night I was having trouble uploading and arranging photos so I have split it up.  So carrying on from the last post -

These are the two arrangments on backgrounds that I decided to keep.  Image 6 slightly art deco/skyscraper shapes against swirling colour and image 7 which is a much brighter green than it looks here.
Image 6
Image 7

Exercise 3
Image 8

  Using the green in the centre I gradually added white at one end and black at the other, then cut a couple of thin strips from the edges and played with rearranging them and adding scraps from the earlier exercises (I have left this photo full size so you can enlarge by clicking on it).
Image 9
Just reversing the strip (bottom left corner) was too harsh so I experimented with using parts and  moving them part way along.  I found the dark end was too dominant and heavy, and the arrangements that work best are ones where it is lightened, especially when some of the scraps of violet shapes are included.  Image 10 is my favourite, it has drama with the upward movement and colours but a satisfying symmetry.  I could see this as a very large, lightweight hanging.
Image 10

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Module 4 chapter 9 Section A - part 1

Image 1
Section A Exercise 1
For these exercises, I worked with two colours of acrylic paint - quincridone violet and pthalo green. Image 1 shows the range of colours from mixing the two and image 2 is a combination of photos showing various ways I tried of combining colours.
Image 2
Image 3 below shows the final choices pinned on a board.
Image 3
I particularly like the stormy blue/greens in this colour scheme, although they haven't photographed well, and the calmness of the composition top left in image 3.   I think the pair in the centre of the top row of image 3 could be the start point for a hanging  (it isn't very clear but the top and bottom sections are different colours) and I like the  "cityscape" on the bottom left.  I cheated a bit with these last two and added some silver lines to give them a bit more definition.
Exercise 2
I used the same paints to make some backgrounds on A4 sheets, using sponges to mix the colours freely on the paper in contrast to the rectilinear blocks of colour from exercise 1.  I played with lots of combinations of the torn papers on backgrounds, shown in image 4, and then selected two to keep.
Image 4

Monday, June 06, 2011

Chelsea Flower Show

My DH had a big birthday this year, and one of his presents was a trip to Chelsea Flower Show and since it's no fun on your own, I got to go too.

Some of the inspiring gardens..

These boxes provide habitats for insects etc

I took this photo to get the name of the flowers but I love the display too

I've never had much interest in floristry but these displays were stunning. 

This tree was built from sections of driftwood and filled with cut flowers and recyled items.

Can you see the teabags in this picture?

And the bottles in this one?

Friday, June 03, 2011

Fabric Samples

Quick update - I now have samples of the fabric designs I uploaded to Spoonflower.  The massed flower heads have come out a little more orange than I anticipated and looking closely, I can see where the repeat could do with finetuning but is is rather fun.