Thursday, July 15, 2010

Keep forgetting to take photos...

..of the ATCs I have been making for the monthly swops.  Finally remembered for the June ones so here they are - the theme was black and white plus one colour.

 I have also been keeping busy fiddling with my daughter's Irish dance dress.  I got it secondhand and knew it needed a bit of TLC, but when I looked inside, I realised that under the layer of organza is a glorious fluorescent orange.  So I decided to cut away the top layer...

..and I am still doing it.  It would probably have been quicker to have made a new dress!  I am also making some headbands for the ceili team, I will show you when they are done - expect bling!

Distant Stitch Summer School

I can't believe it is over a week since the Summer School at Urchfont, I have been hard at it since I came back sorting out all my bits.  I have been very good this time and spent an afternoon at home making up my sketchbook with notes and samples.   Ruth Issett was an excellent tutor and worked us very hard, and it was wonderful to meet up with old friends and some I only knew online.  As an icebreaker, we had a mystery ATC swop - here's the one I made from a photo of the London Eye with a little floral graffiti added.

We had a group discussion about the etiquette of photographing other people's work and how much it is fair to write about workshops on our blogs, so the pictures only show my own samples of printed fabrics.  To see more, try following the links on the right as some of my fellow students have published their own pictures.

From these bits and pieces, I made up this design

I have also (definitely this time) finished the hanging after taking some advice from Sian, and sorted out a way to hang it so that it is freestanding and the pole doesn't show - looks a bit like an Indian rope trick. Plan A was to take some pics in the garden to show you, 'cos it's a bit big in the house, but after weeks of fine weather the wind and the rain have set in, so we will have to wait.  It may take some time...