Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Module 5 Chapter 4

Exploring ways of creating lacy designs by making holes.  First, cut paper to show positive and negative shapes based on the same motif as I used for chapter 3.
Sample 1 Grid stitched on layers of synthetic fabrics and then shapes burnt away with a stencil cutter.
Sample 2 This time the shape was stitched onto white satin and burnt away before the grid was stitched.
Sample 3 organza backed with an adhesive stabiliser, which was left in place, freely stitched and the area around the motif partly burnt away.  Leaving the stabiliser in makes it firm enough to keep its shape and I rather like the papery, slightly singed look.
Sample 4 creating shapes with holes, two layers of organza bonded together with threads trapped between them.  On the left, punched holes, on the right burnt with a woodburning tool and stencil cuttter, which gives more variety.
Sample 5 Slashing - 10 layers of scrim stitched together with a grid, slashed and rubbed to create texture.
Sample 6 slashing around a shape on five layers of muslin.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Shameless Self Promotion

More coursework coming soon, I promise.  Meanwhile, somethingsto get excited about.

Check out the latest addition of Workbox - does this look familiar?

Now come and see it in the flesh...

Gordano Textile Artists will be showing new work on the theme of Explorations at the Grant Bradley Gallery, Bedminster Parade, Bristol, BS3 4AQ  from 8-29 September 2012.  Open 10-5 Monday to Saturday, with the chance to meet some of the artists each Thursday and Saturday between 11 and 2.  I shall be there at the preview on Friday 7th at 6pm and also on Thursday 27th 11-2 so do come and say hello.