Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just after I finished posting this morning, I was catching up on some blog reading while Sunday lunch was cooking and saw this post on A Wrinkle in the Calico about a site that lets you create giant posters. So, after lunch and after letting the children have their time on the computer- grrrrrr- I just had to have a play with the black and white cogs design (last photo on this morning's post). I am not going to print out all of it, but looking at it on screen has given me some ideas - maybe enlarge the design, split into columns then shift them out of line. Of course, I could print out all the parts and try rearranging them like a jigsaw. Or maybe print sections onto inkjet fabric and join by continuing the shapes over the spaces inbetween with machining. As usual, it will probably turn out as something completely different. Need to spend time with the sketchbook - watch this space.

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