Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Summer School Pictures - Work

Some pictures of the silk papers drying outside and finished pieces.

Summer School Pictures - People

As promised, pictures from the Distant Stitch summer school.

Distant Stitch Summer School

Back last night from the Distant Stitch summer school at Urchfont Manor, which ran from Sunday evening to Tuesday lunchtime.

As well as tutorials with Sian Martin, we spent a morning making silk paper and dyeing silk. For the afternoon and following morning, we were fortunate to have Mary Youles teaching us bookmaking, and we were able to use the papers we made to decorate the covers.

Everyone made something to be proud of and most went home with a completed book. We were so inspired that quite a few students worked until 11pm and were back at the studio at 7am for an hour's work before breakfast.

Next posting will be more pictures.