Monday, November 24, 2008

Module 3, chapter 2

Continuing the theme of strapwork, I have been researching and drawing examples of Celtic knotwork. The first photo shows sketches on graph paper of knots made using David Nicholl's method as described in Celtic Inspirations for Machine Embroiderers (Valerie Campbell-Harding and Maggie Grey). The knots in the second photo were drawn on grids from How to Draw Celtic Knotwork by Andy Sloss. The one on the right, with the black background, is copied from a page of the seventh century Book of Dimma - I find it interesting that the ends are different with a closed loop at one end rather than a continuous line. In the central drawing, I used the same design but on a curved grid, and the one on the left is an attempt at drawing a tapered knot (it is a bit wobbly!). I have played with drawing simple knots before but never done anything more with it, so I am trying to take it further this time.


Elisabeth Braun said...

Those are coming on nicely. I'm only on certificate myself and doubt I'll do diploma afterwards as mine is a 'live' class and dip level stuff is very intensive, (so the 3rd year ladies assure me!). Learning lots of new stuff though and blogging it, so feel free to drop in.=)

Jackie said...

Thank you for your good wishes. I really shouldn't wear my heart on my sleeve!
Your celtic work is very thorough, but I must say I love your cog work.