Friday, October 13, 2006

Coursework- playing with pylons

I have spent the last few days playing around again with the pylon theme. This time, I folded parchment paper to create strong lines and then took rubbings with soft pastels. The rubbings were scanned into the computer. I went back to the original photos of electricity pylons and played with Paint Shop Pro, firstly to remove the background and then to save the shape as a selection. I then applied this selection to the scanned rubbings and used some special effects to change their appearance. The pictures show a few of the results. My next move was to print the layers separately on OHP transparencies and try putting them over paper prints and each other in different combinations. I think I shall have to make a looseleaf book with these pieces in mounts (like slides but much bigger - maybe 12/12" scrapbook pages) so you can change them around.