Sunday, May 25, 2008

Drawn Threads

This is another slight diversion from coursework but all part of the journey. This pictures are from a workshop with Sian Martin at my local branch of Embroiderers' Guild. I hadn't planned to go and it filled up quickly, but there was a last minute cancellation. Sian gave a talk the evening before on fresh ways of looking at working with drawn thread, and we worked with both white and dyed linen. The only rule was that any threads withdrawn had to be put back in by the end of the day. The finished sampler (although I am not sure it is finished) is about 20cm wide and I think about 1m long.

The first picture shows how I joined the two pieces. The second was the challenge to find an interesting way of fringing the the top edge and turning it to make a tube for hanging. I pulled the loose ends through in bundles, twisted and tied in place with coloured threads.