Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Good Day Out

All very exciting - a couple of weeks a go, I had a letter inviting me to show some work in Gloucester in August as part of the Three Choirs Festival, alongside an exhibition of quilts. We were a bit snowed in at the time so it wasn't until today that I visited the venue and met the curator to find out more. It is going to be in a lovely old church in the centre of the city and visiting it has really sparked off some ideas of how to use the space. I did take some photos for reference but there are much better ones and some information about the church here. So watch this space for progress.

On the way out, I found a bookshop having a closing down sale and picked up this lush book of undersea photos for inspiration.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

End of Module 3 Admin

Just to show I have done it, a photo of my notes on health and safety relating to module 3.

On a more interesting note, I saw a fascinating article in the Sunday Times about sculptural photography by Szymon Roginski and Kasia Korzeniecka - you can see the same photographs here. They have taken pictures then printed lots of copies and made them into objects that are arranged into a new image and re-photographed. I really like the way they repeat the move from 3d to 2d and back again. I thought this might be an interesting idea for anyone thinking about their 3d item?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Website Update

Finally sorted out adding the notes on Cogitation to my website. The reason it took so long was that I got a bit carried away and gave the site a makeover. The notes are now in a virtual sketchbook that you can read by turning the pages, which I think is rather fun. I have also given the name 'Resolution' to the assessment piece previously known as 'that thing with the animation' which makes life simpler. Take a look at

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Quick Note

For anyone on module 3 of the diploma with Distant Stitch and struggling with the Elizabethan stitches (I certainly did) - have a look at the videos here for a demonstration.

I have just uploaded another time-lapse film of Cogitation here with the extra red marks - it is now mounted on our wall and running happily. Still intending to collate my notes and put it all on the website.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Module 3 Chapter 12 and Tidying Chapters 7 and 8

Photos 1,2 and 3 Sheets of collected images of artists who use construction (I did these some time ago but I don't think I documented them) for chapter 12.

Photos 5,6,7,8,9 Sketchbook pages to show the short artist study on Laura Thomas.

Photos 10, 11 Going back to chapter 7, to show samples mounted. On the sheet in photo 10, the sample on the top right has been changed since it was last photographed.

Photo 11, below, shows the tiny piece of wire weaving combined with another sample. This could be the resolved sample as both pieces were based on ideas from the research project.

Photos 12,13,14 I have sewn the edge samples from chapter 8 into a cotton cover to make a sample book for future reference. Photo 12 shows the outside with some words stitched on to describe the contents.

Photo 13, folded over to show the pleated spine. The samples are grouped and stitched into the pleats. To decorate it, I repeated the beaded edge idea.

Photo 14 shows the pages inside.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


We seem to be heading for a thaw - most of the snow has been blown off the roofs and trees anyway. But some lovely ice bubbles formed on the pond pump overnight.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A small bit of Big Knitting

Remember those big knitting needles I bought back in October? Finally had a go with them one afternoon last week when the Christmas visitors had thinned out enough for me to claim some sofa space. I braved the ice to go up into the store room and grabbed a selection of blues/lavenders from the box of half used balls of wool - there is nothing like the cold to stimulate fast decision making, perhaps we should adopt it as a design exercise - and dived in. After a while, I decided it would make a bag so I used a giant lucet to make a strap, and that is as far as I have got at the moment. In the picture, it is sitting on the fish quilt which is finally finished and labelled. I meant to show this before but it has been in constant use since the last stitch went in, keeping us snug in the evenings while we wait for spring!