Sunday, November 18, 2012

Module 6 Chapter 2

Gathering materials for chapter 2, I am aiming to re-use items already lurking in the dark corners of my house and at the back of drawers.

Photo 1 Papers – used envelopes, the user guide for my last-but-one microwave, instructions for assembling bicycle gears in half a dozen languages (but not English).

Mod 6 Ch 2 (2)

Photo 2 Fabric – old clothes that I kept in the scrap bag because I like the fabric or because they were used for kids’ dressing up.  Washed so many times they have faded and worn thin. One linen dress and the rest cotton. I will add offcuts of calico etc as needed.

Mod 6 Ch 2 (5)

Photo 3 Other bits and pieces – a pile of wet wipes that were used for cleaning up during monoprinting sessions; bamboo household clothes from the pound store; a calico bag that had nuts in; assorted used Tyvek envelopes.

Mod 6 Ch 2 (3)

Photo 4 Dead grass gathered from the garden and dried, temporarily supported on soluble fabric then machine stitched together.


Photo 5 momigami technique applied to magazine page,brown envelope, patterned paper bag and bike instructions, then coloured with Brusho (2p coin for scale).


Photo 6 Strips of crumpled papers sewn together – left in original colours as they blend well.


Photo 7 two samples with painted and heated Tyvek envelopes.  On the left, the Tyvek was pierced with a sewing machine before heating; on the right I crumpled before heating to see if this changed the way it distorted.  Heating from both sides gives a more interesting texture.


Busy collecting onion skins for colouring in chapter 3 – I feel a batch of onion soup coming on.

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ferinn said...

What are you going to do with these?I am intrigued!