Thursday, November 01, 2012

End of Module 5–Admin

The final chapter for this module was the artist study, which has already been completed following my visit to Lost in Lace last year.

Costings for Module 5
Material Tools
Promarkers £4.49
A3 Coursebook (portfolio) £6.49
A3 black pad £7.59
silk organza about 1/2 m 4.00
clear PVC small piece 0.50
Devore paste 3.23
zeelon - scraps 0.20
silk screen £14.00
Devore fabrics - about 1/2 m total 9.00
Allowance for threads and odd pieces of fabric, beads 4.00
Glue, paper,card - small amounts of each 2.00
Totals £22.93 £32.57

Authenticity - a picture of me working on one of the resolved samples.

Mod5Ch10 (8)

Health and Safety – the new feature in this module was the use of devore paste.  Guidelines for using this are to work in a well-ventilated area, particularly when using a hot iron to activate the process, wear a dust mask, goggles and gloves, protect clothing from the paste.  Store out of reach of children.


Heather said...

I always forgot to do this bit of a course and had to back track and try to remember what everything cost. Not a very professional approach.
Your workspace looks very tidy and uncluttered. You should get extra marks for that!

Max the Lobster said...

Well done Jane, I love your resolved samples, especially the way the paper pulp has attached itself to the needlelooping.