Sunday, October 21, 2012

Module 5 Chapter 9

This chapter has a choice of sections to work from  - I chose section A, drawing on cling film and manipulating the image.

Photo 1 5 patterns on cling film, each approx A4 size, scanned in.  Apart from the wavy lines, the patterns are shapes taken from my research into needlelace designs.
Photo 1 Collage of original doodles
The following photos show a group of scans of the individual pieces of cling film folded to make new patterns. 

Photo 2 Using the heart shape
2-Chapter 91
Photo 3 Filled in triangles.  The blue pen turned out not to be very suitable for plastic and hadn’t fully dried – you can see on the right hand scan that it has left faint images when I unfolded it, giving another layer.
3-Chapter 92
Photo 4 The curved triangle – less interesting so I only made one folded scan.
4-Chapter 93
Photo 5 Drawing of  buttonhole filling – this gave really interesting effects, especially the way the lines hang out over the edges.
5-Chapter 95
Photo 6 Wavy lines – some more interesting patterns
6-Chapter 94
Photo 7 Two pieces folded together.
Now I had all these images scanned in, it was  time to play on the computer and add a bit of colour.

Photo 8 Layering up details from 3 of the scans in Paint Shop Pro and adjusting the opacity and blend modes.
Photo 9 As 8 but changing the blend mode to difference giving a negative image.
Photo 10 I took the unfolded buttonhole filling image and used the mesh brush to distort it, then added colour by copying as a transparent selection and placing over a coloured background.


Heather said...

My admiration knows no bounds Jane - I hate clingfilm and it usually ends up like string in my hands! The thought of drawing on it fills me with dread.
It's a great idea to fold it over and observe the new patterns created. I love the three Photo Shop designs.

ferinn said...

I love number 7 as you have the creases from the cling film too.