Saturday, October 13, 2012

Module 5 Chapter 7

Exploring ideas for pockets.

Photo 1 A3 sheet of notes/ sketches of different kinds of pockets.


I wanted to follow on with my theme of machinery, so for the following samples I dismantled an old remote control that was destined for the recycling bin, and used the pockets to contain the numbers and control buttons.  I also photographed a circuit board and printed it in black and white onto an acetate sheet to make some of the pockets.  The photos include a 2p coin for scale.
Photo 2 A square of organza folded and held in place with clock hands.


Photo 3 Clear PVC cut and sealed into pouches with a hot stencil cutter.


Photo 4  Printed acetate sewn into a humbug (or teabag) shape.


Photos 5 and 6 This pocket was based on little clamshell purses that open when you squeeze the ends together.  This one contains some metal shavings donated by a friend’s husband.  It wasn’t intentional, but it does make it look like an interesting seedhead – perhaps I should make a bouquet.


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Heather said...

So innovative. I love the humbug shape and other closed vessel.