Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer School 2011

I' m having one of my periodic catch up days so this will be the first of several posts - hopefully in the right order!

Going back to Urchfont Manor, it is as if we have never been away, it is such a wonderful few days.  This year we split into two groups, some working with Jan Evans and I was with Mary Sleigh, learning about textiles from Africa.  Mary shared her knowledge of the materials, the stitches and the people who make them and then we each spent time closely studying an item chosen from her collection.  This led on to stitching samples using aspects of the style but making it relevant to us as individuals.

A strong feature of the cloth I looked at were the hems turned to the right side and the piece was made from joined squares of raffia so I reflected this in the samples and used the stitches Mary had shown us for joining and hemming. I also incorporated the idea of using what is to hand - in this case the random items that live in my sewing box - so you can see a hook and eye as decoration and cut up fragments of bobbin lace (samples I made years ago) and paper.

Sections for the final strip before assembling

The final strip on the left and small samples on the right.

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