Saturday, July 16, 2011

Module 4 chapter 9 Section C

Umm - these videos were supposed to be much further down the post but somehow they have ended up here as well.  I have no idea why and now I can neither delete nor move them, which rather spoils my layout, but I can't face doing the whole post again.  I just hope they work  - please let me know if they don't.

Exercise 1 - using a simple shape to make a series of 3d shapes.  I started with a set of squares torn from watercolour paper and folded them in sequence.  Photo 1 shows the way they were folded, photo 2 is one way of arranging them and photo 3 is the final choice with the pieces tied together - I omitted the last one as it didn't seem to fit in.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3
Exercise 2 Graded positive and negative shapes. Photo 4 shows the cut shapes, which I repeated many times.
Photo 4
Photo 5 - the chunky shape curved by gentle rubbing and speared on a dowel in a spiral.
Photo 5
Photo 6 - another view with stronger shadows.

Photo 6

Photo 7 - the skinny shape spiralling on a dowel - I took it outside to get stronger shadows which adds an extra layer.  Photo 8 is included so you can see from a different angle how is spirals round along 3 or 4 inches of the doweland how the short and long ends create patterns.

photo 7
Photo 8

 When I was trying to photograph this one from above, it wouldn't keep still until I stuck it in the ground.  However, as you know I love to have things moving and watching kinetic sculptures*, so I took a short video to see the effect - this could be fun with colour effects or with some kind of background that is glimpsed as it turns (back on animations and cogs again).

Exercise 3 Using colour and 3d shapes.  For this exercise, I returned to the petal shape and used two photocopies of painted papers stuck together. Photo 9 shows the shape simply slotted together.

Photo 9
 Photo 10 a more interesting arrangement - it puts me in mind of dancers practising at the barre.

Photo 10

Again, a short video to show how it looks from different angles and the effect of the colours moving around.

*you can see some here and here.

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Heather said...

It is obvious that a lot of thought and work has gone into these pieces Jane. I love the curved shapes in photos 5 and 6, and the videos are great. Movement adds an extra dimension to the arrangements, creating interesting shadows and changes of tone.