Saturday, July 16, 2011

Module 4 chapter 9 section B Ex 2

Using the same shape and colours as before in this chapter but with water soluble crayons to explore the negative space. Just changing the medium gives a very different effect even though the designs are similar to the earlier exercises.

Photo 1 from left to right - running the crayons off the edge of parts of the stencil then moving and repeating, leaving a series of incomplete shapes; colouring around the stencils then washing with water to blend the colours and let them spread into the spaces; as before but washing with the stencil in place so the edges are softened but the white space retained.  
Photo 1

Photo 2
 Photo 2 - left and also photo 3 -replacing cut shapes slightly offset.  Photo 2 right, I placed the coloured cut shapes on the background and used a wet brush to sweep colour over the edge, then moved the shape and repeated. 
Photo 3
Of these, my favourites are the two that just use outlines (left in photo 1 and right in photo 2).  I like the delicacy of them both, contrasting with the strong shapes and colours in exercise 1, and the first in particular would translate easily to stitch.

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