Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Module 4 chapter 9 Section A - part 1

Image 1
Section A Exercise 1
For these exercises, I worked with two colours of acrylic paint - quincridone violet and pthalo green. Image 1 shows the range of colours from mixing the two and image 2 is a combination of photos showing various ways I tried of combining colours.
Image 2
Image 3 below shows the final choices pinned on a board.
Image 3
I particularly like the stormy blue/greens in this colour scheme, although they haven't photographed well, and the calmness of the composition top left in image 3.   I think the pair in the centre of the top row of image 3 could be the start point for a hanging  (it isn't very clear but the top and bottom sections are different colours) and I like the  "cityscape" on the bottom left.  I cheated a bit with these last two and added some silver lines to give them a bit more definition.
Exercise 2
I used the same paints to make some backgrounds on A4 sheets, using sponges to mix the colours freely on the paper in contrast to the rectilinear blocks of colour from exercise 1.  I played with lots of combinations of the torn papers on backgrounds, shown in image 4, and then selected two to keep.
Image 4


ferinn said...

I like your choice of colours.The red really "sings out" against the greens in image 4.

Heather said...

Beautiful colours Jane. You have a wealth of possibilities there - decisions, decisions!!