Thursday, June 23, 2011

Module 4 Chapter 9 Section A - part 2

I was going to put this section all in one post but last night I was having trouble uploading and arranging photos so I have split it up.  So carrying on from the last post -

These are the two arrangments on backgrounds that I decided to keep.  Image 6 slightly art deco/skyscraper shapes against swirling colour and image 7 which is a much brighter green than it looks here.
Image 6
Image 7

Exercise 3
Image 8

  Using the green in the centre I gradually added white at one end and black at the other, then cut a couple of thin strips from the edges and played with rearranging them and adding scraps from the earlier exercises (I have left this photo full size so you can enlarge by clicking on it).
Image 9
Just reversing the strip (bottom left corner) was too harsh so I experimented with using parts and  moving them part way along.  I found the dark end was too dominant and heavy, and the arrangements that work best are ones where it is lightened, especially when some of the scraps of violet shapes are included.  Image 10 is my favourite, it has drama with the upward movement and colours but a satisfying symmetry.  I could see this as a very large, lightweight hanging.
Image 10

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Heather said...

I love the way you have played with the contrasts here - light and dark, red on green, and so on.