Friday, June 05, 2009

Edges for Cog Design

Another good afternoon for getting work done today. I decided to pick up the design work for the assessment piece again now I have moved on a bit in module 3 - I am trying to balance the two. The cardboard model I made here has been sitting on the sideboard all this time and each time I walk past I have been thinking about how to make the cogs. Today I sat down with various bits and the kitchen scales and decided that the best option will be to replicate the card versions in pelmet vilene with paint and metallic stitching. I had hoped to use metal shim but found the various pieces were either too floppy or too heavy to work properly (now you understand about the scales). I retrieved the copper sheet from the garden where it has been quietly sitting getting distressed (and we all know how that feels) and took a photo of the card cogs in place.

I set myelf the task of coming up with a series of ideas for the edges of the metal and also to think about the background in case I do not want to use the ideas from my earlier post. I figured the easiest way to do this was to print out lots of copies of the photo, stick them in my sketchbook and doodle away. I came up with the 6 possibilities below before running out of time. This project is the first time I have put my notes directly into a bound book and I think it is doing me good as I can't just bin or hide the ones I don't like, and it is much harder to tear out pages.

Now to sleep on them over the weekend.

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Heather said...

Your cog designs are wonderful Jane. I find the shapes very appealing. You have done the right thing in putting your ideas into a sketchbook, and I know I should do the same instead of shying away from my own particular design issues.