Sunday, June 14, 2009

More Module 3 Chapter 8

Experimenting with various way of edging fabric, starting with a batch using fraying. From the top we have

1) edge cut at 45 degrees and frayed on left, threads withdrawn on right with running stitch added.

2) horizontal threads withdrawn part way up the fabric, machining over vertical threads into bars, fabric folded and twisted to leave machined bars at the edge.

3) bottom edge frayed for about 2 inches then folded to the back and the frayed ends pulled through and stitched down in bunches.

4) bottom edge frayed as before and threads withdrawn further up. Folded back and machine stitched to make a hem with the area of withdrawn threads at the edge and the loose frayed ends hanging behind. A strip of dyed scrim is slotted through the loops.


Heather said...

I love your frayed edge treatments Jane, they are so interesting and innovative.

ever jeanne said...

edges are the bane of my existence. i seem allergic to bound edges, so these unusual approaches are edges i could live with.

JaneO said...

Thank you for your comments ladies.