Thursday, May 07, 2009

Module 3 Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 Continued

Chapter 4 is making backgrounds by using paper braids as stencils to decorate fabric for backgounds - above are two I made but not looking very interesting at the moment so I will probably add to them. I have carried on making braids for chapter 5 by machining soluble fabric, wrapping wireform, and stitching down groups of threads and am starting to weave and join them to make wider braids and new textiles.

Finally, I have carried on thinking about the cogs piece and been playing with having bits move. I have made a mock-up to try various arrangements of cogs running on the minute hands of the clock movements. As they are mounted off-centre, I needed to check that they would not crash into each other. I didn't fancy staring at it for an hour while they completed a revolution, so I set it running and used a webcam to make this little time lapse film - it is only 13 seconds long and not good quality, but you get the idea of how it might look.

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Heather said...

I love your background fabrics and the braids are stunning. I am very impressed by the working cogs and will enjoy seeing the outcome. I hope you received an email from me apologising for missing you when you visited our venue on the Severn Vale Art Trail and hope to meet you on Sunday afternoon.