Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fishy Thoughts

School holidays is the time to fiddle with bits and pieces in the odd quiet moment, and I have been playing with some patchwork. I have made lap quilts for the rest of the family over the last couple of years so this is meant to be one for me. The idea was to use the same block which looks a bit like a fish and cycle through the colours. Now I have completed enough for 1/2 a quilt, I am not so sure it is a good idea. I think I shall perservere and if all else fails I will end up with a dozen cushions.

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sara said...

I have been following your original blog with interest - i am restarting the diploma course with Sian after a false start last year. thinking about themes at the moment. good idea to have a different blog for noncourse work. sara in ireland