Friday, August 22, 2008

Felted Friends

When I was meant to buying birthday presents last week, I picked up a book called Felted Friends by Sue Pearl (Search Press) and was captivated immediately by the cute animals (I am a big softy on the quiet). Over a couple of days, I sat down with my girls and we made these little fellows using wool tops felted over pipe cleaner skeletons. Details were added by needlefelting - I did this bit for them and have the puncture marks to prove it.

Here they are frolicking in the tomato plants.

From left to right blue bird by Ellie (9), snake by Katy (11) and pink/purple bird by me (over 21). The children are entering theirs in the village flower show tomorrow so fingers crossed for them. No craft section for grown-ups so I am consoling myself by entering some holiday photos.

I have also been busy booking my tickets to visit the Knitting and Stitching Show in Birmingham - I am going up by train on the Saturday. Making the booking involved lots of swearing; I could only get the cheaper tickets if I was prepared to leave Bristol at 7.15 am and take a little diversion to change trains in South Wales - not the most obvious route to the midlands - and come back very late, so I bit the bullet and got the standard price so I can leave at a more reasonable time. At least I can be sure the visit will be worth it and I would really rather not drive to the NEC.

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