Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fish Patchwork Part 2

This week I have been spending odd bits of time musing over what to do with this piece. The original idea was 48 6 inch blocks, starting with a pink "fish" on a purple background which gradually changed through 4 fabrics. Then the background would change to turquoise and the cycle continue. Halfway down the quilt (ie after 24 blocks) the order would reverse and the final "fish" would eventually be the same as the first one. As there were to be two of each of the blocks, I started making them in pairs so I now have all the purple backgrounds done and a few of the turquoise ones plus 4 transition blocks. The picture below shows them laid out in order - there should be a bigger gap in the middle but the table isn't big enough.


Seeing them like this, I really wasn't happy - it all looked much better on paper! Two problems - firstly the change of background is too abrupt and secondly I don't like the way the fishes look when they are touching on all sides. I spent AGES rearranging, turning the blocks in different directions, trying a chequered effect, but still no good. Finally, I decided to have a rethink and add borders to make attic window blocks. I bought 30cm of two dark fabrics and as everyone was out today, spent some time adding them. The picture shows 2 rows completed.


There was a slight hiccup when I realised I have never done a block with mitred corners (memo to self - reading about something is not the same as doing it). My patchwork to date has been just squares and half square triangles but going nice and slow it seems to be working. Of course, adding the borders almost doubles the size so it will be two separate quilts and the transition blocks will be a cushion cover.

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