Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Finishing off Module 4

Just the artist's study left to do (which I am working on) so to finish off the module, here are my additional notes on health and safety when feltmaking.

Wet Felting
  • Ensure a safe working area by mopping up any water from the floor immediately.
  • Be aware of your hands becoming sensitive to prolonged exposure to soap/detergents and choose products with care.
  • Felting is a physical activity - be careful when rolling the felt to avoid strains to your back and wrists from repetitive movements and take regular breaks.
  • The needles are very sharp, take additional care to keep your fingers clear from the points.
  • Store hand felting needles with the barbs covered (eg with a small piece of foam) to avoid cutting your hands.
  • Use the guard on the machine and ensure it is adjusted correctly each time.
  • Stop the machine as soon as you feel any unusual resistance and clear out the lint regularly.
  • As with any machining, watch your posture and take regular stretch breaks.

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Heather said...

I know it has to be done these days, but I was brought up on commonsense and never think about Health and Safety - that shows my age! I have to remember to time each activity on the course I am doing. I'm usually halfway through before I've thought about it.