Monday, January 25, 2010

Website Update

Finally sorted out adding the notes on Cogitation to my website. The reason it took so long was that I got a bit carried away and gave the site a makeover. The notes are now in a virtual sketchbook that you can read by turning the pages, which I think is rather fun. I have also given the name 'Resolution' to the assessment piece previously known as 'that thing with the animation' which makes life simpler. Take a look at


Heather said...

'Resolution' sounds a much better title! Clever you for updating your website - it's all Greek to me! I struggle to find time to be creative these days and don't know where the time goes. I need to be more organised. Perhaps I should have made a New Year resolution?

Max the Lobster said...

well i'm impressed! it all looks wonderful, something to think about for future reference. i like the turning pages.