Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Good Day Out

All very exciting - a couple of weeks a go, I had a letter inviting me to show some work in Gloucester in August as part of the Three Choirs Festival, alongside an exhibition of quilts. We were a bit snowed in at the time so it wasn't until today that I visited the venue and met the curator to find out more. It is going to be in a lovely old church in the centre of the city and visiting it has really sparked off some ideas of how to use the space. I did take some photos for reference but there are much better ones and some information about the church here. So watch this space for progress.

On the way out, I found a bookshop having a closing down sale and picked up this lush book of undersea photos for inspiration.


Meg said...

How exciting for you! Any idea as to what you are going to do yet?

JaneO said...

I'm thinking about a long, narrow hanging and hoping to tie it in with the coursework, but haven't really got anything to show yet.