Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Last part of Module 3 Chapter 8

Here are my ideas for ways to interpret the edge designs for my chosen fabric.

1) Above, a simple edge - the fabric has been pleated and beads sewn into the folds.
2) Below (on its own and with the design) - a more fanciful edge. This uses the idea from an earlier sample of pod shapes stitched on felt, cut out (as one piece) and applied to the edge. I stitched a couple more pods directly onto the fabric. However, the machine stitching did not stand out against the bold colours, so I added the pink cord (French knitting). Underneath are more loops of French knitted cord picking up the turquoise from the fabric - I used a little knitting mill so the cord is very quick to make by the metre.


Heather said...

These edges are gorgeous - I love the loopy one and the colours you have worked with.

Ro Bruhn said...

These are beautiful, your design and colours are fabulous, it makes the edges so much more interesting.