Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Busy Week

You know how it is - you wait all winter for an exhibition to visit and as soon as May arrives they all come together. I took some time out on Sunday to go around part of the Severn Vale Art Trail in Thornbury and met up with Heather whose blog I have been reading for a while. Yesterday I braved the rain to go over to Ashton Court to see the work by Gordano Textile Artists and catch up with some friends. Heather is also a member of this group and has posted pictures on Ragged Old Blogger which are well worth seeing. All being well, I am heading into Bristol on Saturday to see another group exhibition at Bristol Guild and I must get my act together to go to Stroud before the textile festival finishes. Whew.


Heather said...

I really enjoyed being part of the two Art Trails but was exhausted for most of the two weeks. One drawback of it all was that I didn't get to see any of the other events. Maybe next year.

MargaretR said...

How lovely to have met up with Heather!