Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy new year to everyone out there in blogland.

Christmas is still going strong in the O'Leary household - we have done all the traditional things that is

- eaten huge amounts of turkey
- ditto chocolates
- fixed the pipe that burst on Christmas morning. This was like a scene from a 1970s sit-com with yours truly opening the cupboard under the sink while wearing my best frock and getting a faceful of water. Still at least it was the hot tap that went so the water was nice and warm. This will teach me not to spend too long straightening my hair in future.

I usually do my creative stuff in the kitchen so it has all been boxed up for a fortnight while we have various people and dogs staying - Monday will be the big day when we are back to normal and I am getting itchy fingers. I was going to post pictures of some things I made for presents but I seem to have forgotten to take any so this will have to wait, but that gives me an excuse to play with the light tent my brother gave me.

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