Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Corpus Clock

Carrying on the theme of machinery - I heard about the Corpus Clock today on the radio and just found the video on YouTube showing it in action, narrated by the designer - click here to see it. I think this is the most beautiful piece of engineering and I like the way it is slightly frightening; it makes you very aware of the passing of the seconds that will never return, Death's bony hand on your shoulder like those mediaeval woodcuts. I will have to try and see it in real life one day.

Hmm - Could this be the inspiration I need?


Garnered Stitches said...

With regards to the message you left me, Jane, I have a built in Corpus Christi clock making me aware of time slipping by so no minute goes to waste! A second not making something, and I include making the cakes with the children yesterday, is a second wasted. Although a day spent reading a book can not be seen as wasted as I am giving respect to a fellow creator!
Best wishes

Threadspider said...

I had heard a radio interview about the Corpus clock-thanks for linking to the U-tube clip. It's fabulous, isn't it?

sara said...

I also heard the piece on the radio about the clock and am glad of the link to see it. It's brilliant!

Karen said...

Fascinating. Can't wait to see if your next piece is inspired in any way by this.