Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Art Competition and a Soggy Catalogue

Saw this in the Sunday papers so I thought I would share it - a competition sponsored by Ford to advertise their new Fiesta cars. They are looking for an artwork to represent the essence of "now". According to the blurb, they will welcome different media - wouldn't it be great if a textile piece won? Click here for details.

I wandered outside yesterday to see how the catalogue I planted under the grapevines is doing as there hasn't been much rain since it went out. It hasn't grown me a new laptop tree yet but is getting nicely damp underneath as you can see (If you are reading this thinking I have lost it completely, take a look at this post in Maggie Grey's blog. and all will be explained).


Jackie said...

What on earth is everyone going to be doing with these wet catalogues? Does it have to be Argos?

JaneO said...

Not sure quite what the plan is, but knowing Maggie Grey, it will be fun and interesting. Something to do with distressing books. Anything similar will do - I think most of us chose Argos catalogues as it happened to be about the time we were throwing away the out of date ones.

Margaret S said...

Your catalogue is looking good, mine has managed to open in the wind and spilt into two! Been experimenting with Gesso this afternoon!!