Monday, June 16, 2008

More Chapter 12 - Faces

Carrying on the same theme but this time I have taken an outline of a face from a photograph and drawn it larger, exaggerating the features. I drew lines across the face following the contours of the nose, mouth and eyebrows and then cut it up, using the pieces as stencils to create more patterns. The colours are clearer and stronger in real life, for some reason these seem not to photograph well.

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Vivien said...

Thank you Jane,for your nice comment - it is so encouraging to get feedback from a fellow C & G Distant Stitcher.

We are sizzling in Texas at the moment, with very high temperatures (40.5 c. yesterday & today). This is really helpful in getting my coursework done, as it is far too hot to be outside working in the garden.

The work you are doing with faces is super! I really like the way you have used a kind of negative image of the face to create your pieces.

I have added you to my link list - thanks.