Friday, July 06, 2007

A Lucky Find

At summer school, I was puzzling over how to display the transparent 'slides' I had made of layers of pylon prints. They are about 20cm square and need to stand in something that allows you to look through them and also rearrange the order. Sara came up with the idea of making them smaller and using a CD rack - one of the wire ones that is a bit like a toast rack, but the only ones I have spotted so far are designed to stand upright and don't balance if they are lying flat. My other idea was something on the lines of the cardboard toy theatre we had as children where you slotted in the scenery.

While I was doing the supermarket shop this morning I wandered into the stationery section and suddenly realised I was looking at rows of open-fronted cardboard display boxes with slotted sides. And they come in lots of different shapes and sizes. After inspecting them all closely, I found one that is just the right size for the slides and luckily it only had one item left in it (which I left neatly on the shelf). With a bit of paint and some trimming, I am hoping it will be just the job.


Meg said...

It's great that you can recycle some packaging rather than having to buy something new - and cheaper too!

Stephanie M said...

I'm glad you've found a 'ready made' solution. I'm just lucky that David can, and is prepared to, make my display stand designs for me.