Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Queens and Back


Queens and Back  by Jane O'Leary

I finally got around to photographing this one, I finished it a little while ago.  It is inspired by the patterns of changes used in church bellringing and the title refers to a particular sequence called Queens as it is rung on 8 bells.  Each column represents a bell and is a slightly different colour.  If you 'read' from top to bottom, the bells start by ringing in order 1-8, gradually swop places to reach the order 13572468 halfway down, then swop back to their original positions. 

I started this early in 2020 and put it aside for a while as it didn't seem finished.   By the time I picked it back up,  Covid19 had arrived, the churches were closed and the bells have been silent ever since - I added the circles to represent the sound they should have made.

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