Friday, April 19, 2013

Admin for Module 6

Most of the materials used for this module were recycled or scraps/offcuts, often from earlier modules, so I am just listing a few items that were new or previously unused.
FuseFX – used half a packet each of black and white            £2
1 sheet of shrink plastic                                                        70p
Bondaweb approx. 1/4 metre                                               80p
Photo paper                                                                         £2.50
Assorted fabric pieces/beads/threads                                    £5
Potassium permanganate, used small amount                         £2
Eggs (for tempera) box of 6                                                 £1.70
A3 presentation folder for storage                                        £6.99
Total                                                                                  £21.69

Additional Health and Safety Notes for Module 6
  1. I keep a separate set of (old) saucepans, measuring jugs, trays, wooden spoons, plastic teaspoons, tongs etc. for dyeing, marked “not for food use” and stored in an outbuilding.  I always use these even when dyeing with natural products such as onion skins. 
  2. Handling potassium permanganate – be aware of the COSHH regulations for any chemicals you handle or supply to others.  When purchasing, you should be given a safety data sheet (often also available online).  Always wear gloves when handling potassium permanganate and avoid contact with skin and eyes; ensure adequate ventilation.  It is an oxidising agent and should be stored away from flammable and combustible materials, heat and sources of ignition.  Always store chemicals in their original containers.
Heating plastics and other unusual materials – be aware of the possibility of fumes and work in a well-ventilated area. Protect your iron by using baking parchment and take care not to overheat your materials.
And finally - to prove it is me, a photo of me stitching out the sample for the illustrated essay.


Max the Lobster said...

Does this mean you have finished?!

Heather said...

I always hate having to do the admin bit of a course as I usually forget to keep records of what I have bought or used. Will feel bereft now you have completed the course or just relieved to have more time to do other things?

Fibrenell said...

Wow, so close to the end, well done. Are you going to be at summer school Jane so we can see all your work?

JaneO said...

Hi everyone - yes, all being well this is it. I'm not going to summer school, but I am going to keep up this blog and keep on working. Heather, I think GTA will keep me busy enough. Need some ideas for Bristol Guild in October.