Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Distant Stitch Summer School

Finally sorting myself out after summer school (my excuse for being so tardy is running up two more of these dresses for our youngest dancers, and taking orders for more).  It was lovely to see everyone and meet new friends, but so sad to be leaving Urchfont Manor for the last time

We were in two groups this year, and I was with Dawn Thorne who introduced us to working with transparent layers and using acrylic sheet.  By the end of the course, we had each made a sample piece based on an image of landscape.

Mine was inspired by this photo (in keeping with my theme of industrial landscape).

Sevalco 2012 (2)

During the course, we made drawings and monoprints on paper and fabric, then played with a small piece of acrylic to learn how to handle it, before starting on the final piece.  Techniques covered included etching, screenprinting, bending and cutting the acrylic and drilling holes.  Then we planned how to interpret our ideas into a dimensional, layered design.

Some of my drawings, picking out lines and shapes from the photo

Summer School 2012 (35)

and the trial piece of acrylic, etched, bent, shaped and stitched

Summer School 2012 (30)

The final sample – impossible to photograph clearly of course – which has five layers in total. At the back is acrylic, then  monoprinted fabric, stitching on acetate, 3d pieces of stitched acetate and in front another sheet of accrylic, painted and etched.  All joined with wire which keeps the layers separated so the stitching appears to float.  The size is about 300mm wide x 125mm high and 50mm deep.

Dawn Thorne Workshop (23)


Heather said...

That sounds like a fascinating workshop with plenty of new techniques to get to grips with. Looking forward to seeing what you did 'in the flesh'.

ferinn said...

I am amazed how much we got done in such a short time.I am going to play with some acetate.I think Dawn has influence beyond those who took part in her workshop!

matte blanca said...

Nice! Workshops so enhances your skills. Keep it up. Knowledge is power as they say so. I can't wait to see your finished product.
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