Monday, June 14, 2010

Following a Theme

I have just been sorting out pictures from a half-term trip to Sussex and realised these ones from Pevensey Castle kind of fit in with what I have been doing.


Hazel said...

Oh well you'll have to change it completely now for a different colour scheme!!!!

great photos and anyone could see where you are coming from - pity you couldn't have a little book beside with the photos in.

Heather said...

I love these photos and the idea of seeing a view through narrow spaces has always appealed to me, whether it be a window, doorway or trees, etc. Your mention of Pevensey took me back to a childhood visit there and my father explaining how when the castle was built the sea came right up to the walls.

mimilove forever said...

Well howdy do Jane! :) Gawd bless yer and thank you so much for your visit and taking time to leave comments...looking forward to following your frankly stunning work! x:)