Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Sampling

Photo 1 is a clearer picture of the stitch sample. Most was done with the fabric stretched on a frame; I did a little in the top left corner without a frame to see the difference.

Photo 1
I had one of those mornings when nothing looks right - feeling doubtful about the design I tried some more variations, see photo 2.

From left to right -a) the circle segments I did a few days ago b) similar but with fewer lines c) trying close parallel lines (like the markings on an astrolabe) d) change of tack - would it look better with long straight lines as a contrast to the swirling background? e and f) variations of d.

Photo 2
Finally, I used the offcut of printed fabric to try adding extra colour with Markal sticks in places in case the printed fabric looks a bit flat over a large area. I also used bronze powder in fabric medium to paint the line, which could be enhanced with couching or stitching to imitate the markings around the edge of a mariner's astrolabe ( see this image from Wikipedia). I have laid the offcut over the stitched sample lining up the print to show the difference.

Photo 3


ferinn said...

I like the swirls better than the straight lines .They echo the swirls below but are more precise.

Heather said...

I love your stitched sample and agree with Ferinn - the swirls are beautifully sinuous and echo the design.

jane said...

You are really making progress with all your ideas, I stand back in awe and admiration wishing I could apply myself as you do. For what it is worth, I also like the swirls more than the straight liness. Looking forward to the next step.

Max the Lobster said...

i love the bronze strip over the swirls, i think it works better than applying something else. what about a bronze swirl!

sharon young said...

I love your beautiful stitching it compliments the design so well and i agree with Anne, I think Bronze swirls would be a lovely foil, maybe as in pic 2 a where they're not solid, in places. But I do like b too.