Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More Work on 'Cogitation'

I give in - it started out as a pun but it has stuck in my head as the name for this piece so I am making it official.

I have added some more colour to the background shapes and linked them by stitching across water soluble fabric. Dissolving the fabric in situ left enough adhesive to keep it all stuck to the metal and I brushed some of the colour off the cogs into the spaces. (Click on the pictures to make them larger). The overall size is a little over A3.

The next picture shows how the clock movements have been fitted to the back and I have also added battens top and bottom so it can either stand on a table or be wall-mounted (still dithering). I put felt onto the battens to stop it from scratching my table while I work on it.

In my last post I mentioned I had tried placing lutradur shapes as the moving parts to replace the original idea. I made a second set of cogs, this time with the lutradur backed by craft vilene as they need to be more solid. I used the same paints and stitching and heated the pieces to break up the top layer and make it look a bit like metal wearing and flaking. My idea is that this is a very old piece of machinery that is just slowly running until it finally dies, achieving nothing; the cogs still working have worn through less than the ones that have stopped, but bits have broken off over time.

On a more cheerful note, this is the paper left behind after spraying the shapes - definitely keeping this for future use.

The short video further down this post shows how the pieces move using the minute hands of the clocks - I used time-lapse photography to take pictures over the course of just over an hour to show a complete cycle greatly speeded up; in real life you need to look twice to see that they are moving at all. (If this sounds very high-tech here's how I set it up

- note the children's videos and coffee table, a vital part of any photographic studio.) The reason for the flickering is that the daylight kept coming and going.

Looking at this, I can see that there is no focal point yet - I like the way that three of the cogs converge and separate so I am thinking I could make that meeting point the focus - nothing has been permanently fixed in place, except the clock movements, so I can make adjustments to the cog positions and how they rotate by changing where they are attached. The moving pieces need more definition so the next step may be to add handstitching for texture.


Garnered Stitches said...

Oh Jane, this is fabulous! Moving textiles - brilliant. Looking forward to see how you develop this.
best wishes

ferinn said...

This is looking very exciting.The copper and the verdigris effect is lovely.

Heather said...

Cogitation is the perfect name for this amazing piece of work Jane. It is so innovative and quite mesmerizing watching the movement. It will be a triumph.

Meg said...

Hi Jane, this is great. I love the way the background areas change shape as the cogs go round

Fibrenell said...

It's looking great Jane, well done

Max the Lobster said...

its a great idea Jane, you could change the background colour or add the stitching to that, i quite like the cogs as they are.

JaneO said...

Thank you everyone for your comments - now to get back to work.

MargaretR said...

Jane, what a clever girl you are. I just love it and so new and different!