Sunday, March 22, 2009

Module 3, Chapter 5

Thank you Margaret and Helen for your comments on the cogs. I am looking forward to developing this idea, and Sian suggested making the whole thing in metal and wire for my 'piece using metallic techniques'. Foolishly, I agreed to work overtime until Easter (and the extra cash is already spoken for - sigh) so time is a bit limited - lots of little bits but no nice free days to really get stuck in. I have ordered some clock movements to play with - as often happens, it costs as much to buy 1 in a shop as it does to get 5 online so I will have plenty. If this doesn't pan out it is clocks all round for Christmas!

Meanwhile, here are some pictures of machine braids for chapter 5 - I will come back to chapter 4, which is stencilling, but I am in sewing mode at the moment (see my post on Quodlibet).

The first picture is, from top, combining built-in patterns on felt, then on strips of fabric and paper. The colour scheme is from a colour study back in module 1, using up bits of dyed fabric samples. Below, a selection of built-in patterns overlapping, stitched on soluble fabric. Finally, I digitised one of my knotwork drawings and made this sample by stitching it out several times - to add to the sketchbook.

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