Monday, February 04, 2008

Module 2 Chapter 7

Some of the samples using metal and metallic threads. Above is black felt sponged with paint overlaid with chiffon stencilled with gold mica flakes in a celtic pattern. Freely stitched with automatic patterns and spirals to echo the stencil.

Free machining densely in shades of gold with added wireform and shim.

These two are an exercise in showing how the effect of metal threads are affected by changing the bobbin colour. The top uses pink in the bobbin while the bottom picture uses the same metallics but this time with blue. Sorry this is a bit blurred - they are terrible to photograph and scan.


Jennifer said...

Hello! I found you via Alison's blog and just wanted to say hello and to tell you how fascinating I find the projects you've been writing about. I also love the title of your blog!

JaneO said...

Hello Jennifer - nice to meet you. How exciting to have a visitor from the States! Gallimaufry was one of my mother's favourite words and she used to sell at craft fairs as "Studio Gallimaufry". So it is a way to remember her as well as a good description of what goes on in my head.