Saturday, January 26, 2008

More Distractions

After posting the pictures of stitching with metal threads I couldn't resist having a little play with Paint Shop Pro. I thought it was time to explore displacement maps after reading Maggie Grey's blog, so here are the results. These have been made by combining two of the photos from the Jan 16th post.

This is the same as the first but using tiling.

This uses the same photos but layered the other way up.

My other distraction today was to go on a workshop with the Embroiderers's Guild run by Orange and Blue, painting sketchbook covers. We built up the surface using cardboard and then many layers of paint. The pictures show the cardboard glued down then with 6 or 7 layers of paint. It isn't finished yet - I want to sleep on it before adding more, then it will need lots of layers of varnish.

I booked it thinking it would be fun day (which it was) and without any clear idea of what design to use. Somehow, those pylon shapes crept in.

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